What Are The Different Structures That Work Well In Any Outdoor Space?

Have you always wanted to add an outdoor structure to your existing exterior living space? Well if you have that in mind then you have to understand very well which type of structure will fit into that space of yours.

Have you always wanted to add an outdoor structure to your existing exterior living space? Well if you have that in mind then you have to understand very well which type of structure will fit into that space of yours. There are plenty of them you can enjoy and whilst you think every outdoor structure is the same but differ in terms of purpose they serve, you have to realise that there are other differences to take note of.

Understanding outdoor structures

Before digging deeper into the different types of outdoor structures available for you to choose from, let us have an overview of what outdoor structures are. These multi-functional structures must feature a lot of things, the most notable of which is how it will protect you from weather elements considering that it has to go through all those as it stands there in your outdoor living space. Also, they are something that should offer you comfort when you feel the stresses of daily living. They should also be able to define that space of yours so you can have a better way to enjoy the outdoors.

What makes these outdoor structures highly favourable for many is the fact that you can already have them customised according to your purpose. There are even structures that can now be used in more ways than you can imagine. With that, let us get to know each outdoor structure even better.



Pergolas are often confused with other outdoor structures like the trellis or arbour but the truth is it can be different from the other two. These are free-standing structures that have columns or posts used to basically support the trelliswork’s open roof. In order to accentuate your pergolas, you can train plants and vines allowing them to climb on the structure for that rustic, mesmerising charm. Likewise, you can add a canopy for added protection from the weather outside. If you want your pergolas to look more romantic and private, you can consider adding pergola curtains.


Another structure to add to your outdoor living space is the trellis. Trellises, like pergolas, are designed with an open framework and come with a lattice where climbing plants can be placed to beautify the structure. You can choose trellises made out of wood or metal or vinyl. Some trellises can be free-standing whilst others can be attached to your home depending on your choice. You can make use of them too if you need extra room but there is not enough in your home.


Arbours, the other type of structure often mistaken as a pergola, are actually smaller than trellises or even pergolas for that matter. They are actually used in dividing various outdoor rooms or for framing a focal point in your backyard or garden. They can also define a point of entry to your home. Often, arbours are made out of rustic lattice or metal where plants like vines or even roses can climb.

Patio covers

If you want a more solid outdoor structure, patio covers are the perfect choices you can make. They are often built with lattice or trellis and also have a solid roof on them. Patio covers are great choices for you to enjoy the outdoors all-year round. They can serve as a space where you can welcome your guests or where you and the rest of the family can dine out anytime you want.


These octagonal structures also come with a solid roof like those of patio covers. They provide you with a full shade whilst you enjoy the views from the outdoors. They are perfect additions if you have either French or an English inspired garden. You and your family, neighbours or friends can enjoy an intimate get together and at the same time have a breathtaking view of nature when using a gazebo. These gazebos can be flexible choices too since you can add o hot tub in the area or even put on some screens to guard you from insects.


If you want something to compliment your pool area then cabanas are great additions to your outdoor living space. These covered areas bring in a breath of fresh hair during those warm summer days. Some come with outdoor drapes thus allowing you to use the structure as a changing area after you have taken a plunge from the pool. Enjoy your snacks in the cabana’s lounging area or have some time to relax after a day’s dip in the swimming pool. You can also use it for entertainment purposes.

These are but some of the few choices you have when it comes to outdoor structures for your outdoor living space. It is good to note that no matter how varied they are from each other, you can now have custom outdoor structures to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us for such options!