Custom Designed Pergolas and Trellises

Add style, elegance and structure to lawns and gardens

Create a shade from the hot sun during the summer days and add support for your climbing plants with a selection of pergolas and trellises from CEDAR WOOD STRUCTURES INC.

Each of our pergolas is custom designed and built to match your requirements in style and living space. They can be built to form a shaded walk or passageway of pillars that support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice, upon which woody wines are trained. They can also serve as an extension to your house, a protection for an open terrace or a link between pavilions. The pergolas are usually combined with privacy panels and screens and our designers can suggest a variety of styles to choose from.

Our trellises are also custom-built and are usually made from interwoven pieces of wood, designed to support climbing plants. The trellises can be designed as stand-alone structures or attached to the roof or exterior walls of a house.

For more information, sizes and pricing, please email or call us today.