Hosting A Great Outdoor Party

Outdoor parties can be a hit, especially during fine weather when your guests can bask in the sun or dance under the stars on a clear summer night. Outdoor parties are fun, different and memorable. To pull one however, you need to plan carefully and ensure that you have the right infrastructure in place. In this article, we give you a checklist of things to tick off as you plan your next out door party.

Weather matters


It goes without saying that rain and snow don’t go well with outdoor parties. But even beyond the obvious, there are some other less obvious areas that you need to watch out for. For example, having an outdoor party on a moonlit night can be magical if you minimize the artificial lighting and allow for some of the areas to be lit by the moon.

On dark nights, you might want to increase the amount of artificial lighting so that there are no dark spaces. Remember to alert your guests about the nature of the party so they come dressed appropriately.  You don’t want your guests shivering outside on a chilly night because they came dressed for an indoor party.

Foods and drinks

Foods and drinks are the life and soul of a party. Ensure that the guests always have a constant supply of foods and drinks. Depending on the number of guests, you can use the help of your family members to serve the refreshments. For larger parties, consider getting hired help ranging from professional wait staff to recruiting a few young people from your neighbourhood to help out. Having an outdoor kitchen and bar would come in handy in ensuring that the food and drinks are within reach of your guests.

While setting up an outdoor kitchen and bar might seem like a sizable investment, it will add sizzle to your outdoor parties and enhance the beauty of your house. There are many professional contractors that can help you install your outdoor kitchen and bar in Toronto and it is worth having a look at what they have to offer.

Music and entertainment

This is an essential ingredient to any party. Ensure that in the selection of your play list, you have thought through the tastes and likes of your friends. This means that if you are into off-the-beaten-track kind of music, remember that your guests might not and so go with music that is a little more mainstream.  This goes for entertainment as well. If you are hosting a children party for example, a clown act might be far more appropriate for such a setting while the same might look a little odd for an adult party.

Keep in mind that most cities have laws on noise and ensure that you comply with the law on this. The last thing you want is the police showing up to shut down your party because you are making too much noise for your neighbours.

Outdoor parties can be incredible fun. Having the right infrastructure in place will make it much easier to host such parties. In this sense then, investing in an outdoor kitchen and bar is something you should seriously consider. Thinking about entertainment, food and the weather in advance will also go a long way in making your party really fun!