Top Tips On How To Decorate Pool Cabanas

Modern swimming pools usually incorporate a cabana in its physical setup because of its function to serve as a shelter and a lounging area for swimmers. Aside from that, it also beautifies the overall appearance of the pool site. To some, it can even be a venue for small gatherings. Depending on its function, pool cabanas should be decorated accordingly.

Decorating cabanas for special events entails creativity that would match the occasion without disrupting its poolside theme. For daily use, simple use of your imagination plus the usage of on hand materials will be enough. Here are some tips to make your cabana look pleasant without splurging.

Consider your budget

Your budget plays a great role in decorating your cabana. Before you start purchasing the necessary materials, do some research as to the prices for items you need. You can do this on the internet. Avoid purchasing single items that are too costly because this will definitely ruin your budget. You would not want your cabana to be half done.

Plan the style

You can do this on your own or if your budget allows it, you may ask the help of experts. There are many styles to choose from. You may opt for an old-fashioned or an ultra-modern look. For a traditional appeal, make use of dark wood and for a modern twist, you can consider having brushed or stainless steel. Regardless of its style, it should be able to contain basic amenities and a section that provides privacy.

Paint or repaint


A simple painting job will instantly give your cabana a lift. Before doing it, check for damages on its walls particularly if it is made of wood. Select a colour that matches the surroundings and even its canopy. The rule of thumb here is to make everything complement each other.

Decorate according to your preference

Adorn your cabana to suit your personal taste. Have some embellishments customised to create a unique look. Making use of carved wood especially designed with your specifications will allow you to have a one-of-a-kind cabana. Same holds true for steel that are moulded according to your liking. Remember that there are a lot of choices in decorating.

Play with lights

Lights that are properly placed can dramatically change the ambiance of any structure and this includes a cabana. Fairy lights can be coiled around the posts to make up the frame of this structure. Placing yellow-shaded lights at a low level can create a mellow ambiance. Install larger lights attached to other points to make its surroundings bright. It is optional to switch it on or off as this will depend on your mood or the event as the case may be.

Make use of fabric

Free-flowing fabric either as curtains or accents can soften the look of a cabana. Just see to it that it does not cut off the overall appearance by hanging fabrics that end halfway. Remember that these should sway with the breeze as its hems touch the floors.

Choose appropriate furniture pieces

If you decide on having wood as the prime component of the structure, furniture pieces should also be made of wood. Steel finishing also require furniture that have more of this material. The bottom line herein is to suit a furniture piece that goes well with the pool cabana. It does not necessarily mean choosing the same material for the furniture and that of the structure but rather look for pieces that complement each other.

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