What’s Hot In The World Of Pergola Designs?

A pergola does not need to be a boring structure in your garden. With its function to provide a shady path or sitting area in your garden, you can double its purpose by making it a striking feature or a highlight within that space of yours. You don’t have to settle with vines alone to make it look inviting.

Be it an extension of a building, a link between pavilions or a free standing pergola, you can do a lot of things to make it an interesting garden feature. But before you start to give an old pergola a makeover or if you are planning to have one, read on and know what is ‘in’. Here are ideas on the latest designs and features for these outdoor structures.

Adjustable roof panels

Traditional pergolas used wooden slabs and panels for roofs. Today, adjustable roof panels are now available even in DIY marts. This is essential in controlling the amount of sunlight you get.

Trees in the background

A good idea to build a pergola is to wrap it around a sturdy tree. This will not only serve as a post but will provide a good shade especially during the summer season. Its blooms will be useful in adorning the roof of your pergola. Another option is to have a tree for a backdrop.

Timbre as a material


Timbre, especially cedar or redwood are perfect for gardens. These colours will blend well with nature and could match with other items. It will add more to that woody ambiance thus promoting a more relaxed feeling.

Patio and deck inclusions

A pergola can be beautiful on its own but its appearance can be accentuated by incorporating its structure with a patio or deck. Both structures can benefit if this is the case. When placed strategically, a patio or a deck can serve as a ‘traffic zone’ for the seating area.

Two open sides instead of the usual four

Ideally, a pergola has four open sides but you can opt to have two open sides only with the two adorned with trellises. Just see to it that the plants woven to it blend well with the landscaping and with the rest of the garden greens.

Use of light weighing fabrics

A good way to uplift a dull looking pergola is to hang lightweight fabrics that extend from its beams to the floorings. It should be on an light shade that matches the colour of the cushions or sofas. To stay on the safe side, opt for a semi-transparent white cloth.

Emphasis on ceilings and columns

As for more advanced designs, this architectural structure plays with multiple ceiling heights and with bolder columns. Much emphasis is given to the roof as this is has a great impact on the overall appearance of the structure.

Concave pergolas

For those who want to make a change, have your pergola constructed apart from the traditional square or rectangular design. Have it in a concave style. This can be made either from wood or stainless steel metal.


If budget is not a concern, a small swimming pool in the middle or in a corner can be a highlight. To give warmth on cold evenings, a fireplace can be built but its colour should not deviate from the main theme. This does not only make you feel warm but will also be an attractive piece to adorn your pergola.

As you have seen, there are a lot of great things you can add to the traditional-looking pergola. If you want, you can check our gallery of custom outdoor structures to have an idea of what you want for this architectural inclusion that will enhance your outdoors.