Beach-Inspired Designs For Your Outdoor Space

If you do not have the luxury of time to visit the beach very often, why not bring the beach right into your homes? Yes, you can make this happen by adding some beach-inspired designs for your outdoor space. Here are some of the ideas you can consider:

Colourful porch

People these days are no longer afraid of playing with colours for almost anything that they have built. Now, you can choose to have a colourful porch that highlights greens depicting that of nature. You can add vibrant hues inside the porch and use some asymmetrical designs for your throw pillows. You may also opt to paint piece of furniture with nature-inspired colours to bring in that beach vibe into the outdoor structure.

An intimate porch

The beach is a perfect getaway for couples who want to have a romantic day together. Choose to have a second-floor porch in your home so it will be easier to keep things private between you and your partner even when the bright lights of the sun are up. Use solid railings and overhanging eaves to make the entire idea more perfect. Bring in some cosy, dark-coloured furniture pieces in the area to make it more romantic. Make sure though that the cushions go more on the lighter colour.

The tropical porch

Sanum Per Aqua

The beach is often associated with the tropical theme and what better way to have a beach-inspired outdoor theme than to have a tropical porch designed for you. Turn your casual gatherings into an alfresco setting with a porch that comes with louvered doors that seem to open to a better view of your garden or your swimming pool. Since a tropical porch typically is mostly made of wooden materials, you can add a soft touch to it by using some canvas curtains for more privacy within the area. You can accentuate the whole area with furniture pieces or pillows that come in a blue colour hue for added beach-inspired effect.

An outdoor structure for fish prep

If you want to enjoy the beach even more, you will certainly love the idea of a fish prep station in the outdoors where you can cook the freshest catch for the day. You can choose to have it designed right into your garage. Save some space for your very own fish grilling station too just in case you feel like eating your fish hot off the grill.

Fully-functional outdoor kitchen

You can use that small area in your porch to have a tucked-in kitchen where you can cook food whilst dining out with friends and loved ones. Designing this are using white colours will bring in that beach atmosphere into the addition. Paint everything white and add some touch of wooden furniture pieces to the idea. You can also include a charcoal grill in that cosy space of yours.

The perfectly-built sunroom

The beach is always associated with the sun thus it will be a good idea to have an outdoor space with a sunroom if you feel like bringing in the beach right into your own home. You can have a sunroom attached into your home and enjoy your very own breathtaking sceneries in your garden even with the most adverse weather outside. You can opt to have some sides of the structure open too so you can breathe in some fresh air if you want.

Asian-themed pergola

Some Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia are best known for their beaches thus if you want a real feel of the beach, why not incorporate an Asian-themed design into your pergola? You can have a comfortable seating area in your pergola and plant some vines so that when these plants grow, you will be able to enjoy your very own canopy that seems to be growing out of nowhere. Yes the vines will be able to create that canopy for you. You can also draw inspiration from the beaches in Bermuda and the Mediterranean.

An open-air pavilion

If you want to have that breathy, comfortable of the outdoors similar to what you experience when you visit the beaches around town, you can build an open-air pavilion near your pool area. You can use the same place when you want to entertain guests at night time or even if you want to take time out from the scorching heat of the sun during pool parties. You can mix and match colours in the area but it will be best to have some blues and whites all around. You can put in wooden lounging chairs into the pavilion then add a porthole-style window just near the pavilion’s roof. Canvas curtains can be used in it too.

Try browsing through our pool sheds and cabanas and see which one amongst our designs will spark up the perfect beach inspiration for your home. Feel free to consult us for any designs that you have in mind as we are able to customise the outdoor structures you desire for your outdoor living space.

What Are The Different Structures That Work Well In Any Outdoor Space?

Have you always wanted to add an outdoor structure to your existing exterior living space? Well if you have that in mind then you have to understand very well which type of structure will fit into that space of yours. There are plenty of them you can enjoy and whilst you think every outdoor structure is the same but differ in terms of purpose they serve, you have to realise that there are other differences to take note of.

Understanding outdoor structures

Before digging deeper into the different types of outdoor structures available for you to choose from, let us have an overview of what outdoor structures are. These multi-functional structures must feature a lot of things, the most notable of which is how it will protect you from weather elements considering that it has to go through all those as it stands there in your outdoor living space. Also, they are something that should offer you comfort when you feel the stresses of daily living. They should also be able to define that space of yours so you can have a better way to enjoy the outdoors.

What makes these outdoor structures highly favourable for many is the fact that you can already have them customised according to your purpose. There are even structures that can now be used in more ways than you can imagine. With that, let us get to know each outdoor structure even better.



Pergolas are often confused with other outdoor structures like the trellis or arbour but the truth is it can be different from the other two. These are free-standing structures that have columns or posts used to basically support the trelliswork’s open roof. In order to accentuate your pergolas, you can train plants and vines allowing them to climb on the structure for that rustic, mesmerising charm. Likewise, you can add a canopy for added protection from the weather outside. If you want your pergolas to look more romantic and private, you can consider adding pergola curtains.


Another structure to add to your outdoor living space is the trellis. Trellises, like pergolas, are designed with an open framework and come with a lattice where climbing plants can be placed to beautify the structure. You can choose trellises made out of wood or metal or vinyl. Some trellises can be free-standing whilst others can be attached to your home depending on your choice. You can make use of them too if you need extra room but there is not enough in your home.


Arbours, the other type of structure often mistaken as a pergola, are actually smaller than trellises or even pergolas for that matter. They are actually used in dividing various outdoor rooms or for framing a focal point in your backyard or garden. They can also define a point of entry to your home. Often, arbours are made out of rustic lattice or metal where plants like vines or even roses can climb.

Patio covers

If you want a more solid outdoor structure, patio covers are the perfect choices you can make. They are often built with lattice or trellis and also have a solid roof on them. Patio covers are great choices for you to enjoy the outdoors all-year round. They can serve as a space where you can welcome your guests or where you and the rest of the family can dine out anytime you want.


These octagonal structures also come with a solid roof like those of patio covers. They provide you with a full shade whilst you enjoy the views from the outdoors. They are perfect additions if you have either French or an English inspired garden. You and your family, neighbours or friends can enjoy an intimate get together and at the same time have a breathtaking view of nature when using a gazebo. These gazebos can be flexible choices too since you can add o hot tub in the area or even put on some screens to guard you from insects.


If you want something to compliment your pool area then cabanas are great additions to your outdoor living space. These covered areas bring in a breath of fresh hair during those warm summer days. Some come with outdoor drapes thus allowing you to use the structure as a changing area after you have taken a plunge from the pool. Enjoy your snacks in the cabana’s lounging area or have some time to relax after a day’s dip in the swimming pool. You can also use it for entertainment purposes.

These are but some of the few choices you have when it comes to outdoor structures for your outdoor living space. It is good to note that no matter how varied they are from each other, you can now have custom outdoor structures to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us for such options!

Top Tips To Consider When Building Pool Cabanas In Toronto

Pool cabanas are built for several purposes. With these purposes in mind, you have to take extra time planning how yours will be built. Remember that the aesthetical aspect should work hand-in-hand with the function. Since the pool cabana is usually a place for more people, you have to consider how it will benefit or serve them as well. These being said, you have to be familiar with some tips to consider when building pool cabanas in Toronto.

Location should be one of your biggest considerations

When you are thinking of the location of your pool cabana, of course, the obvious choice is somewhere near your pool, preferably the pool side. Others will rather describe the location as somewhere that will highlight the pool. Alongside these careful considerations in terms of the pool cabana’s location, you have to make sure it will be situated in a spot where sunlight will be maximized. You can also decide as to whether it should be placed on the center or on the front or just allow it to work well with your landscape.

There are also other factors to consider. For one, you have to decide whether you will need electricity in order to enjoy your cabana or not. In another, you have to check it has to be plumbed with your outdoor shower, toilet or bar sink. It will also be wise to make careful decisions that will make the pool cabana look good on the location you have chosen in all four seasons of the year. Remember that weather and the surrounding foliage can be greatly varied during these seasons. All of these have some bearing or impact to building your pool cabanas.

Size matters too


Apart from choosing the right location with which to build your pool cabana, you also have to consider the size that will fit that location you have allotted for the structure. Size have to relatively work with the location such that both factors should meet the comfort that you want once the cabana has been built. Take note too that the size should not overwhelm your landscape or backdrop. Let the size work harmoniously with everything found in your outdoors.

Local zoning and permit requirements should be checked

Whilst you think you have already carefully thought of the size and location for your pool cabana, you also have to take into consideration some factors that are out of your control. Remember that Toronto’s local zoning and permit requirements matter so it is good to check such requirements from your local zoning centre or from your municipality. You will not want deviating from standards required in your locality that is why it is best to be familiar with such regulations. Some restrictions here and there may apply when building pool cabanas and you better be aware of them too.

Decide on what you will use for the base as well

Most pool cabanas are built over concrete foundation. Since most people having these structures built already have concreted on their pools, it will be a great idea to have an additional concrete pad poured over the area. You can also choose to use patio or crushed stones for the base. Regardless what choice you make, you have to make sure that it will work well with your drainage.

Think about the interior design for the pool cabana

One of the things to consider for your pool cabana’s interior design is whether to put some partitions on it or just keep the space open. You can even add some serving windows or a bi-fold bar into the area. You can use much help from benches or shelving to make it look cosier and feel homier for you, your family and your guests.

Consider the perfect finishing touches

Whilst you have given careful thought for your cabana’s interior, you should also pay some attention on giving it some finishing touches on its exterior. Remember, if there is anything else that your guest will first see whilst walking towards your cabana, that will be its exteriors. In this regard, you have to think of what else to add apart from your existing landscape along the pool area. You can have trellises draped with vines or add flowers and shrubs around it.

Choose the perfect building partner to work with

When you are designing to build a pool cabana, you will need the help of experts. They can customise your cabana according to your needs and requirements. They can even do bulk of the job for you including those that have been mentioned above if you wish to.

Looking for builders to help you with pool cabanas in Toronto? Browse through our pages and look for that design that you have always wanted. If you want customised pool cabanas, you can also discuss your preferred choice with us. Together, we can build that outdoor structure perfectly and make it work to serve all your needs.