Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Pool Cabana

When you are interested in building a custom pool cabana for your home, one of the issues you have to settle is how to do the lighting. It might seem trivial, but it’s actually important for you to give this enough thought. The reason is that the lighting can often be used to enhance the beauty of the cabana, and to also make it more practical.


custom pool cabana


However, when you don’t do the lighting properly, you are also likely to run into other problems including finding that it is a risk to everyone who will use it. To this end, doing the lighting installation in a pool cabana is something that you should be careful with. Some of the important tips you need to keep in mind include:

Get design inspiration from the right sources

Once you have decided to construct the pool cabana, the first thing you need to do to get lighting ideas is by getting the right inspiration. Easier access to information in this day and age has made this very easy. If you are working with a contractor to do the installation, you can go through their portfolios to get an idea of some of the lighting methods you can use in the facility. If you are working with a high quality contractor, getting this information will be very easy since they are likely to have handled many projects of this kind in the past.

In addition to that, you can also look for inspiration in websites and blogs that have something to do with pool house design as well. These are relatively easy to find as long as you have a basic knowledge of how to use a search engine. Social media sites are also good sources of inspiration as well.

Choosing the correct type of lighting

Once you have decided on a particular design, you will then need to go through the process of choosing the lighting to use in the cabana. Ideally, you should get a type of lighting that has been designed for use in the outdoors, and specifically in an area with a lot of water. These are usually waterproof, and can withstand splashing and raining on a regular basis.

When choosing the lighting, you also need to consider what you will need from it. For instance, if you are the type of person who usually hosts poolside parties at night, you might need the lights to be as practical as they are decorative. You will need them to produce enough light to make it easier to use the pool at night. This might mean modifying the placement and the number of lights you choose to use so as to achieve this effect.

Correct installation

It’s extremely important that you have the lights properly installed. This is important because it reduces the risk of accidents related to the use of lighting in wet environments. For instance, some low quality contractors might leave a few of the lighting wires naked, and this could then lead to an increased risk of electrocution if the cables came into contact with water from the pool. The same can also happen if it rains.

There are many quality control issues that need to be addressed when installing lights particularly for outdoor use. In fact, in some parts of the world, there will be regulations regarding how this should be done for the safety of the people using the lighting. When you are installing the lighting, you should consider making use of such guidelines or laws as your yardstick for measuring how well you are doing it. If you consult a high quality contractor, you can be sure that this won’t be something for you to worry about, since most of them have very high standards regarding the quality of their work.

Environmental concerns

A common theme among most people these days is how to conserve the environment by reducing the amount of energy you use. When it comes to lighting your pool cabana, you can achieve this by making sure that you use the minimum number of lights needed. This depends on how well you do the design. When the design of the cabana is accurate, it’s going to be easier to determine how many lights you need to properly light it up.

In addition to that, you can also make use of the more obvious strategies such as installing energy saving bulbs in your lighting fixtures. These days, you can even get the LED lamps, which consume a small fraction of the energy that an incandescent light has.

Finally, you could also get new technologies such as motion sensing lights in some parts of the custom pool cabana. These are designed to switch off the lights when no activity is detected in a particular area, which helps you save energy even if you forget to switch off the lights when you leave.